Welcome to my website. My life has been devoted to music of all kinds and I have been fortunate to work with some amazing people over the years. I consider myself to have had a 'charmed' life and enjoy my work as a performer and examiner.

Week three!

Now into the final stages of the first leg of the European tour. It has been a tremendous pleasure to do this and I’m looking forward to the future dates in the USA. I am also doing some examining in the UK shortly so there will be a wee quantum shift there!

‘Last Orders’ - on rejoining UFO in 2019

Mixed emotions given the circumstances but nonetheless I’m only too pleased to be stepping in and helping UFO finish their final tour. Paul Raymond was an essential part of the band for most of their 50 year career and this is not something I’ve undertaken lightly. I aim to do my very best to respect his memory.

Jimmy Bain

I am remiss not putting this on at the time but I was very sad to hear of Jimmy's passing. He was a true character and I am forever indebted to him and Brian for introducing me to the world of R&R! It might not have always been the easiest ride but it was never dull!

Craig Gruber

Very sad to hear of the death of dear Craig earlier this month. He was a nice fellow and a solid player, racking up a good 'pedigree' along the way. There is a rather poignant picture of the 1984 Gary Moore band featuring Craig and Bobby Chouinard that was on Facebook.....sadly I am now the only one still around. A great pity to see these fine musicians passing.

Classic Rock

Quite an interesting article in April's Classic Rock mag about UFO. Nice to read our different 'takes' on events! Bless them!!


hi mate been a long time thanks for chatting to my daughter and will try to meet up soon

Guitar sale!

Hi everyone!

I have decided to sell a couple of my guitars, ones that were recent purchases and that will no longer be needed for obvious and very sad reasons. I am (for those that may worry!) keeping the 'special' ones, my black Les Paul and the Gretch White Falcon Gary gave me as a present last year, but there is no reason to hold on to anything else.

I will post more details soon with some pictures. Any interested parties can contact me through the site once I have sorted it all out.

Gary Moore

I have written a tribute to Gary which I hope you will read. It will in time be added to.




Gary Moore

Dear Neil,

my deepest sympathies go to you and Gary's family. Only one person is missing & the whole world is empty. Nothing refills the wide gap the death of a beloved one leave to us. An important piece of my youth is gone. Oh my goodness, Gary opened my door to rockmusic. I was a little girl about 13/14 years (born in 1976) when i first saw the VHS "Emerald Isles - Live in Ireland". I still love it. It's so funny to see Gary and Phill laughing during the interviews. I love Gary's guitar play, the profound lyrics, the irish influences, his warm voice. At most of his music i love his rocksongs.

I was so lucky when i read that he wanted to record a new rock album. Unfortunately i never saw Gary live in concert.......know it is to late. So sad........

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