'About Neil' from 1989

Who needs a computer while Neil Carter is around?
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, saxophonist, practising cellist, flautist and classical pianist...Neil has become an indispensible figure in Gary's all-powerful team; a trusty long-standing sidekick who's always there to anchor the whole caboodle and add new dimension to the fray.
Whether it be with Wild Horses, UFO or the white-hot GM band, Neil has always proven himself a mind-bendingly multi-talented muso with an ear for a good tune and eye for a good suit(!). And who knows what the man has in store for us now he's discovered a bit of Irish magic...
"I co-wrote 'Blood Of Emeralds' with Gary in Dublin" he recalls, "and I found it surprisingly easy to slip into an 'Irish' mode. I'm really fond of the track because it's a real epic and it's the first time I've tried something like that. It was great pretending to be Irish for a few days...maybe I should learn to play the Uilean Pipes next!"
All this and he makes a nice cup of tea as well!