In June 2014 I finally made the break with the second stage if my career and left Brighton College after 21 years. It was sad but I felt I had done quite enough! My partner and I are now living in our home in Lanzarote but we are keeping our UK house and I am planning to continue my examining work with ABRSM and hopefully do a little bit of playing!

If I ever write an autobiography it will be called 'I have to eat my words yet again' as I had sworn that following Gary Moore's death I would never venture forth on a stage. But April 2019 saw the sudden and sad passing of Paul Raymond and I now find myself back playing with UFO after a rather long hiatus. This came as a complete shock but it was, for me, a great pleasure to play with the band again even in such unexpected circumstances. We truly have the best time on stage and I loved reconnecting with them, and indeed with the audiences who have followed the band so loyally over the years. The 'Last Orders' tour ended in March 2020 but more was planned until the onset of coronavirus. I'm happy to say that, all being well, 2022 should see a return to the tour which will be very exciting. I didn't realise just how much I would miss everyone!