Following the sad loss of Gary Moore I shall not be returning again to the rock world.

It was really interesting to be involved again with something I thought was completely finished and I am so pleased that Gary went out touring with a rock line-up and played all the old songs before his untimely death. There would have been much more to come and it is a great pity that we will not get to hear it. I am also glad I was able to reconnect with the loyal fans who still love the music we wrote and played all those years ago.

In June 2014 I finally made the break with the second stage if my career and left Brighton College after 21 years. It was sad but I felt I had done quite enough! My partner and I are now living in our home in Lanzarote but we are keeping our UK house and I am planning to continue my examining work with ABRSM and hopefully do a little bit of playing!

Update June 2019;

Ok...so...I have to eat my words yet again as due to the sudden sad passing of Paul Raymond I am now back playing with UFO. This has come as a complete shock for everyone but I am embracing the opportunity and challenge. I am enjoying the tour immensely and the band is sounding great.