Gig Guide - 1981

Phil Mogg – vocals
Paul Chapman – guitar
Neil Carter – keyboards, guitar, vocals
Pete Way– bass
Andy Parker – drums

13th - University Surrey, Guilford, UK
14th - University, Exeter, UK
15th - Rock City, Nottingham, UK
16th - Mayfair Suite, Newcastle, UK
17th - University, Leeds, UK
18th - Hanley Victoria Halls, Stoke, UK
19th - St. Georges Hall, Bradford, UK
20th - Apollo, Manchester, UK
21st - City Hall, Sheffield, UK
22nd - Town Hall, Middlesbrough, UK
23rd - University, Lancaster, UK
24th - Market Hall, Carlisle, UK
25th - University, Liverpool, UK
26th - Odeon, Birmingham, UK
27th - Odeon, Birmingham, UK
28th - Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
29th - Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
30th - Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

With Cheap Trick
6th - Springfield, OH, US
7th - Columbus, OH, US
8th - Columbus, OH, US
10th - Kalamazoo, MI, US
12nd - Milwalkee, WI, US
13th - Detroit, MI, US
15th - Cleveland, OH, US
16th - Pittsburg, PA, US
17th - Rochester, NY, US
18th - Binghampton, US
19th - Birmingham, US
20th - Buffalo, NJ, US
21st - Philadelphia, PA, US
22nd - Uttica, NY, US
24th - Providence, RI, US
26th - Springfield, MD, US
27th - New York, NY, US
28th - Boston, MD, US

2nd - Bethlehem, PA, US
3rd - Baltimore, Maryland, US
4th - Nassau, US
5th - New Jersey, US
7th - New Haven, CT, US
8th - Albany, NY, US
10th - Saginaw, MI, US
11th - Rockford, IL, US
12th - South Bend, IND, US
13th - Chicago, IL, US
15th - Austin, TX, US
16th - Odessa, TX, US
17th - Dallas, TX, US
18th - Houston, TX, US
20th - New Orleans, US
21st - Shreveport, LA, US
22nd - Norman, US
23rd - San Antonio, TX, US
27th - Jacksonville, FLA, US
28th - Biloxi, MIS, US
29th - Memphis, TN, US
30th - Atlanta, GA, US
31st - Nashville, TN, US

1st - Wheeling, W VA, US
3rd - Hampton, US
4th - Greenville, North Carolina, US
10th - Johnson City, US
11th - Charleston, US
12th - Roanoak, WVA, US
14th - Savannah, GA, US
15th - Talahassee, GA, US
17th - Jacksonville, US
18th - Lakeland, US
20th - Sunrise, US
21st - West Palm Beach, FLA, US
24th - Dekalb, ILL, US
25th - Sioux City, Iowa, US
26th - Normal, ILL, US
28th - Rapid City South, Dakota, US
29th - Bismark, ND, US

1st - Omaha, Nebraska, US
2nd - Kansas City, US
3rd - Wichita, KS, US
20th - Youngstown, OH, US
21st - Toledo, OH, US
22nd - Alpine Valley, East Troy WI, US
23rd - Alpine Valley, East Troy WI, US
24th - Des Moines, Iowa, US
26th - Canton, MI, US
27th - Columbus, OH, US
28th - East Lansing, MI, US

Co-headlining with Rainbow, support Def Leppard
3rd - Plaza De Toros, Barcelona, Spain
4th - Estadio Roman Valeri, Madrid, Spain
5th - Velododromo Anoeta, San Sebastian, Spain
28th - Coliseum, Reno, Nevada, US
29th - Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah, US
30th - McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado, US

1st - Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, California, US
2nd - Day on the Green, Oakland Stadium, Oakaland, California, US (with Kansas/REO Speedwagon)
4th - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California, US (Iron Maiden supporting)


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Thank You, Neil!