Gig Guide - 1983


Phil Mogg - vocals
Paul Chapman - guitar
Neil Carter - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Billy Sheehan - bass
Andy Parker - drums

24th - Oliwa Hall, Gdansk, Poland
26th - Hala Sportowa, Lodz, Poland
27th - Torwar, Warsaw, Poland
28th - Torwar, Warsaw, Poland
29th - Spodek, Katowice, Poland (2 shows!)
30th - Spodek, Katowice, Poland (2 shows!)
31st - Spodek, Katowice, Poland

1st - Poznan Arena, Poznan, Poland
6th - Maecke Blijde, Poperinge, Belgium
7th - Bataclan, Paris, France
8th - Salle du Grand Parc, Bordeaux, France
9th - Maison Des Sports, Clermont-Ferrand, France
13th - Alvalade Pavillion, Lisbon, Portugal
14th - Infante de Sagres Pavillion, Oporto, Portugal
17th - Sala Bony, Valencia, Spain
18th - Palaciode los Deporter, Barcelona, Spain
19th - Grand Odeon, Montpellier, France
20th - Palais d’Hiver, Lyon, France
21st - Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy
22nd - Teatro Tenda, Rome, Italy
23rd - Teatro Tenda Partenope, Naples, Italy
26th - Sporting, Athens, Greece



Phil Mogg - vocals
Paul Chapman - guitar
Neil Carter - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Paul Gray - bass
Andy Parker - drums

27th - Sporting, Athens, Greece

21st - Gaumont, Ipswich, UK
22nd - City Hall, Sheffield, UK
23rd - Rock City, Nottingham, UK
25th - New Theatre, Oxford, UK
26th - Odeon, Birmingham, UK
27th - De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK
28th - St. George’s Hall, Bradford, UK
29th - City Hall, Newcastle, UK
30th - Playhouse, Edinburgh, UK
31st - Capitol, Aberdeen, UK

1st - Apollo, Glasgow, UK
2nd - Guildhall, Preston, UK
3rd - Empire, Liverpool, UK
4th - Apollo, Manchester, UK
5th - St. David’s Hall, Cardiff, UK
6th - Goldiggers, Chippenham, UK
8th - Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
10th - Arts Centre, Poole, UK
11th - Guildhall, Southampton, UK
12th - Dome, Brighton, UK
13th - Cliffs Pavillion, Southend, UK
14th - Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
15th - Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK



Gary Moore - guitar, vocals
Neil Murray - bass
Neil Carter - keyboards
Ian Paice - drums

May/June - US Tour - Opening for Def Leppard/Krokus - 6 weeks
31st - West Virginia, Charleston, US

1st - Virginia, Richmond, US
2nd - Virginia, Hampton, US
3rd - Meadowiands, Largo, US
5th - Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, US
7th - Quebec, Canada
8th - Barrymores, Ottawa, Canada (Solo gig on a day off)
9th - Forum, Montreal, Canada
10th - Toronto, Canada
11th - Ontario, London, Canada
12th - Buffalo, New York, US
14th - South Bend, Indiana, US
15th - Detroit, Michigan, US
16th - Saginaw, Michigan, US
18th - Charlevoix, Michigan, US
20th - Erie, Pennsylvania, US
22nd - Rochester, New York, US
25th - Cape Cod, Massachussetts, US
26th - Hartfort, Connecticutt, US
27th - Allentown, Pennsylvania, US
28th - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US

1th - Augusta, Georgia, US
2th - Fayetteville, North Carolina, US
3th - Columbia, South Carolina, US
5th - Dayton, Ohio, US
6th - Columbus, Ohio, US
7th - Toledo, Ohio, US
9th - Springfield, Illinois, US
10th - Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin, US
11th - Duluth, Minnesota, US
13th - Winnipeg, Canada
14th - Regina, Canada
16th - Harpo's Concert Theatre, Detroit, Michigan, US
17th - Edmonton, Canada
18th - Calgary, Canada
20th - Vancouver, Canada
21th - Victoria, Canada
30th - Coliseum, Oakland, California, US - Day On The Green


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Thank You, Neil!