Here are some brief ‘reflections’ on the musicians I have worked with over the years…hopefully none of it libellous!


Gilbert O’Sullivan
A lovely man, very private, but very dedicated to what he does and I truly admire him for continuing to write and perform over 30 years since his first single. Bizarrely I met up with him just recently as we were both delayed on the same flight out of Gatwick. It was the most strange coincidence and twist of fate but, because we were delayed, I had almost 5 hours to chat and catch up. It was one of the most ‘charmed’ experiences I have had in years; he was still the same, and has the same passion for music as ever. Having said that he thought, just for a second, I was a businessman with my pin-stripe suit n’ all!! I have changed rather a lot since 1978!

Wild Horses

Brian Robertson
A good guitar player and made some ‘classic’ recordings with Thin Lizzy. Not always an easy person to work with though but I think, extremely sweet and good hearted underneath!

Jimmy Bain
Very funny and a perfect foil for Brian. I now think of them as the male equivalent of Edina and you get the picture! Jimmy passed away in 2016 which was very sad.

Dixie Lee
The first drummer, after Kenny Jones decided not to continue. A nice guy but perhaps not the best fit personally through no fault of his own. Sadly now deceased.

Clive Edwards
‘Stuka’ to the many female conquests he had at the time, a great drummer and all round person...wonder what he’s doing now?


Phil Mogg
I have really come to appreciate Phil’s talents as a front man in recent years and admire him immensely for way he has continued to steer the UFO ship. In the early 80’s I used to get very depressed at the ‘goings on’ both on and off stage and perhaps this clouded my perception of things. He would say himself I’m sure that there were times when it all went a bit haywire but on reflection he was very charismatic and without doubt the driving force in the band. His voice still sounds amazing in 2020 and has developed a real bluesy quality. There are also some excellent lyrics and a massive output of material over the years with all credit to Phil. He is a highly intelligent and funny man whose company I really enjoy (he’d probably hate me saying that!).

Pete Way
Bless him…now sadly departed he was a great showman and perhaps the ‘heart’ of UFO. He was the only musician I have worked with that could play a song blissfully unaware he wasn’t actually plugged in and still give it 100%. I have fond memories of being on tour with him but I think he disliked my input into the band’s music and wanted it ‘rawer’ which is why he left. Fair do’s, and in hindsight he was probably right…one of rock music’s characters and he will be greatly missed.

Paul Chapman
What a lovely man he was! Paul made me feel very welcome as a new member of the group and I always sensed we got on. He was a very good guitarist and always worked hard on stage. Again, great fun to be around and not called ‘Tonka’ without reason!

Andy Parker
Always the sane one, and a fantastic solid player with a powering rock ‘feel’. Andy is so great to be around and on rejoining the band in 2019 I felt so comfortable playing alongside him. Back in the day he was teased unmercifully by Pete and Phil with Pete responsible for some very funny jokes/pranks but he took it with good spirit...for most of the time.

Vinnie Moore
Vinnie is an exceptionally talented guitar player and serious about his work. Until I caught UFO playing in London just before Paul Raymond passed away I’d not seen him with the band as I’d really lost touch with rock music for a number of years. I love what he brings to the songs, old and ‘new’ and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. His solo work is also diverse and very interesting. Lovely chap!

Rob De Luca
Rob is a lovely laid back guy and holds things down perfectly. He’s been in the band a long time now but still has some other outlets for his playing which is healthy. He is again, like Vinnie, a very dedicated musician.

Billy Sheehan
Bassist Billy joined us for the start of ‘that’ 1983 World tour (to be followed by Paul Gray) which got as far as Greece before self destructing in rather a spectacular fashion. I liked Billy and he is very talented but he did have a lot to contend with during his very brief stint with UFO...poor guy!

Gary Moore

Gary Moore
An amazing musician and he was one of the best guitarists in the world, without question. I had the deepest respect for Gary and I feel privileged to have worked with him. Enough said!

Ian Paice
The first of a line of drummers during my time with Gary, quite a legend and another huge talent. An ‘elder statesman’ of rock, I think he initially thought I was a pain, but we actually got on ok after a while.

Neil Murray
A nice man and a solid bass player with a lengthy pedigree (so he says).

Craig Gruber
Bass 'Elfin' person and a sweet chap. Graig was in the band a while and we played one of his compo's which served as the drum solo feature but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called! Sadly Craig passed away in May 2015, such a pity.

Bobby Chouinard
Drums. This guy should have really been in UFO such were the extent of his excesses. Sadly no longer with us, I think his wild ways took their toll in the end but what a character!

Bob Daisley
Probably the other longest serving member of the band during my time and has since worked with Gary on his blues stuff and originally encouraged him to do the first blues album. I have known Bob for many years now and sadly see little of him as he is living back in Australia but we were quite close and he has a truly infectious sense of humour. Along with that he is probably the best bassist I have worked with.

Paul Thompson
Short lived drummer with the band but from the mighty Roxy Music who were heroes of mine so lots of respect! Paul was/is a very likeable down to earth guy and, whilst not generally thought of as a 'typical' hard rock drummer, was powerful and did an excellent job.

Gary Ferguson
Equally short lived drummer (‘Run for Cover’ period) but probably the one who fitted the bill the best over the years. Very good musician was Gary and a hell of a player.

Glenn Hughes
This could have been so good! Glenn came in at the time of ‘Run for Cover’ and sang on a few tracks, including doing a vocal for ‘Empty Rooms’ which obviously never made it out of the studio. One of the heroes from my youth but an association doomed to failure due to a number of reasons.

Eric Singer
My personal favourite of the drummers. I really liked Eric both as a person and as a drummer and loved playing live with him. He would have been my choice to replace Cozy when it all went pear shaped but Gary felt Chris Slade was the better player. The time Eric was in the band has to be the highlight for me to be sure.

Cozy Powell
A little weird this, you would have thought it would have been an awesome combination but things did not work out in rehearsals and Chris Slade replaced him before the ‘After the War’ tour began…about five days before as it happens! Sadly Cozy is no longer around but he was quite a powerhouse!

Jonathan Noyce
2010 Gary Moore band. He of the bass guitar, is a truly great bloke and I like to think was very much on my wavelength. He has a wealth of experience and is solid as a rock! A consummate professional and a real laugh to boot!

Darrin Mooney
And the charming Darrin Mooney of Primal Scream who I am sure never met anyone quite like me. He is a very genuine, kind man and an excellent drummer. Perfect for the material we were performing and plays with great power and energy.

Phil Lynott
Finally Phil. Over the years our paths crossed quite a bit and he played at a few dates with us around the ‘Out in the Fields’ time and is also on the ‘Emerald Aisles’ video. The ultimate ‘rock god’ I think it’s fair to say that they don’t make them like that any more...


This is currently what comes to mind…it may change, and feel free to contact me with any questions.