Gary Moore

Dear Neil,

my deepest sympathies go to you and Gary's family. Only one person is missing & the whole world is empty. Nothing refills the wide gap the death of a beloved one leave to us. An important piece of my youth is gone. Oh my goodness, Gary opened my door to rockmusic. I was a little girl about 13/14 years (born in 1976) when i first saw the VHS "Emerald Isles - Live in Ireland". I still love it. It's so funny to see Gary and Phill laughing during the interviews. I love Gary's guitar play, the profound lyrics, the irish influences, his warm voice. At most of his music i love his rocksongs.

I was so lucky when i read that he wanted to record a new rock album. Unfortunately i never saw Gary live in concert.......know it is to late. So sad........

After the war, he left this Wild Frontier to an Empty Room Over the hills and far away, but we've still got the blues!

Haha, by the way, you know what? You were my second big heart throb. I loved your long blond hair, your wonderful blue eyes, your voice, everything :-) Crazy teenies..ts ts ts.. ;-)

I wish you all the best and the strength you need to handle this great loss.

God bless you

With lots of love from Germany