Saturday is High Voltage...looking forward to this, the first gig I have done in the UK since 1989! We then go to Italy then Mala Skala in the Czech Republic to round this month off. What a time it has been and how excellent the response to this new/old venture for Gary.

Goodness me...............

And this last week.........surreal or what! I have gone from the glamour of Montreux (names, names, names) to examining in Sidcup! But strangely, I am really enjoying both equally! We had a very good gig in Norway on Friday last week...really up to speed so hopefully all bodes well for 'High Voltage' on the 24th. I have a busy week this week and then on Saturday it's Nice then Bucharest........OMG!


I am currently in Andover examining ahead of a small run of gigs with Gary Moore. I am looking forward to revisiting Montreux...............I shall pay my respects at Fred's statue!


Today/tomorrow is examining in Oxfordshire. Quite a contrast to the weekend at 'Sweden RocK'! The crowd were brilliant on Friday and gig was great. Next is Slovakia!

Sweden Rock!

This Friday the new Gary Moore band headline Sweden Rock. It is a great feeling to return to play in Sweden after all these years and I am really looking forward to the concert.

Photos from Trondheim

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© Unn Marit Forrestad

Dates with Gary Moore

This weekend is the first of a series of dates around Europe with Gary after a 'break' of 21 years! I am really looking forward to playing again and the new band is sounding very powerful.
The set is rock based and has many of the songs from my era with Gary plus some new ones and two of his blues 'classics'. I will post the dates at some point but they are all up on Gary's website. See you there!
Neil x

Interview about the Gary Moore years

Check out this interview by David Talkin from October 2009. He was interested to hear Neil's memories from the second half of the eightees, when he was a permanent member of Gary Moore's band. Click here for the interview.

Beyond The Wild Frontier - Interview at Rockrace

Another Greek website has published interview with Neil, this time you can read one at Rockrace. Thankyou to Sinnis Giannis for that!

Interview from the temple of metal!

It was made by Grigoris Chronis for the Greek Metal Temple webzine during the summer of sixty nine...ooops, summer of 2008. Click here to read the complete, very detailed interview.

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