A shorter Q&A interview from 2006

This shorter interview was made back in 2006, and it was published at Stockieboy's blog page.

Links to Youtube

I have been ferreting around Youtube and have posted some links to some of the me-related vids that lurk there! I will leave it to the interested to pursue these futher. So typically of the internet, one link leads to another!

Have fun!



(Mind you, people get quite passionate in their comments!).

Hi Neil

Good to see you're in the 35 millenium or something. Im an old fan, mostly from your Gary days. I'm born and raised in Stockholm and saw a good few shows with you and the previoused mentioned man any chance i got. you can even see me baby face in the old video from Isstadion in Stockholm some time back. I can see that UFO is touring again so if i get a chance i'll go to see you, a friend of mine saw yoy in Dublin a few years ago, could that be correct?

Interview at Dmitry's Let It Rock

A great interview from October 2008. Click here to read it. Also worth to check out the other pages of Dmitry's website if you are interested in to read more rock music related reviews, interviews.

Interview at Strangers In The Night

Another interview with Neil, this time from an UFO fanpage. It was made back in the October of 2005, few months after when we have started to put together the old version of Neil's website. Click here to read the interview.

Interview at VeroRock.it

Check out this new interview with Neil at the verorock.it website. At the moment it's only Italian, but hopefully soon we will get the English version as well.

The first!

Hello everyone!

The site was in need of a 'wash and brush up' to keep it fresh looking so I appreciate your patience whilst we (Zoli mainly!) do this.

This a new concept for me and I hope to post stuff at regular intervals!

If you want to see anything that isn't already there please let me know and I will see what I can do.


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