Some links here to Youtube clips:


Wild Horses

‘Are You Ready/Rosalie’ (from 'Alright Now', 1980)
‘Reservation’ (from 'Alright Now', 1980)
‘Doctor Doctor’ (from 'Rockpalast', 1980)
‘Lonely Heart’ (from 'Top Of The Pops', 1981)
‘Let It Rain’ (Promo video, 1982)
Gary Moore
‘Thunder Rising’ (from Stockholm, 1987)
‘Empty Rooms’ (from Stockholm, 1987)
'Over the Hills And Far Away' (on the 'Gaye Byrne' tribute show to The Chieftans, 1988). Note the 'typical' rock audience getting down!
‘After The War’ (Promo video, 1988)
‘Blood Of Emeralds’ (from Belfast, 1989)